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We believe every child deserve to learn a lifetime skill to be able to swim

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Swimming Lessons For Kids With Swim101SG

About Us

Swim101SG was established in the year 2017. Even as a young swim school, we had taught more than a hundred students in our kids swimming lessons since.

We are referred to as the “Best of the swim school” by our student as many of the students completed their full courses throughout the years with us.

We had taught many children ranging from 4 years old to 15 years old to learn to swim with us.

With years of experience with all our students, our swim coaches can learn and improve our teaching models in a way that our student will enjoy learning to swim with us.

Not only do we conduct our classes fun for the children, but we had also learned to know how to inspire them not only in their water safety skill and water confidence but confidence towards their future life skill as well.

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Our kids classes age group is from 4 – 15 years old.
Let your children learn to swim with us.

Swimming Lessons For Kids With Swim101SG Swim School

8 Reasons Why should you send your kid to swim schools?

1. There are many reasons for your child to take up swim classes but the most important factor of all as parents is to give your child the best gift by sending your children to learn to swim as an essential life-saving skill.

2. As according to the Singapore Medical Journal about 42% of the drowning cases yearly incurred are children below 9 years old. Most of the cases are caused by either slipped or been a push to the pool by a friend, it needs just as little as 30 seconds to cost a life if unattended to the case especially if the child is a non-swimmer. Sending your kids to swim schools is a development for them to learn about safety as well as a water survival skill.

3. That’s also why we believe every child deserves the right to be able to swim not just for fun or for others but as a survival skill. Kids that are water confident does not mean that they are always competent in swimming so getting them to attend classes regularly is important to keep pickup their swim strokes.

4. Swimming is also a healthy sport that can improve both your child physically and mentally. The breathing control and endurance they had learned during class help them to increase their stamina which will improve both their heart and lungs. As the swimming program also requires every part of the body, it will also strengthen up their body muscles.

5. Once your kid know how to swim, he had overcome his mental water phobia and that had helped build up his self-confidence which is another skill ability he will learn to adjust in his future.

6. Sending your kid for group classes will also help build up your child social interaction skill where they will learn to mix with children from all different background.

7.  Having your kid to be able to swim also provides a lot of other opportunities for him to participate in other water sports which require them to swim. Water sports like canoeing, kayaking, sailing and many more water sports all require some level of swimming skill.

8. Sending your kid to a swimming school will definitely be the best gift as he will learn a skill that follows him through his life and also open up more other opportunities for him to discover in his life. Most essentially the water survival skill may save his life one day.

Parents can learn more about our Swimming Lessons For Adults.

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What do Your Kids Will learn in Our Swimming Lessons?

All our classes for kids are based on the SwimSafer™ 2.0 by Singapore Sports Council using the MOE Swimsafer guideline. This programme by the government aims to let children in Singapore learn a certain level of swimming skill for their needs to take part in certain water sports events. But most important of all it’s also created to get the children to learn water survival skills to minimize drowning incidence.

SwimSafer™ 2.0

The SwimSafer™ 2.0 module consists of 6 stages

Each stage is about 6 months

swimsafer stage 1

Stage 1

Foundation to basic water confidence skills, develop confidence in the water. Learn to understand basic water safety skill in and out of the pool. Learn about basic forward and backward movement skills.

swimsafer stage 2

Stage 2

Develop general skill in sculling, environment safety and feet surface dives. Achieve to finish 25 meters of non-stop swimming.

swimsafer stage 3

Stage 3

Develop swim strokes skills like stride jump, underwater and personal flotation device (PFD) basic level skills. Achieve to finish non-stop swimming of 50 meters.

swimsafer stage Bronze


Improvement skills development in stroke, breathing, throw rescues and survival skills techniques. Achieve a variety of stroke to finish 100 meters of non-stop swimming.

swimsafer stage Silver


Intermediate and refinement of skills in survival knowledge in open water. Able to demonstrate a variety of stroke and swimming techniques in an effective way and achieve to finish 200 meters on non-stop swimming in a given time frame.

swimsafer stage Gold


Advance survival and swimming skill in personal water survival skill in personal floatation device (PFD). The teaching of Heat Escape Lessening Posture in water techniques. Able to perform 400 meters with a variety of strokes within a given time frame.

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