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Who We Are

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Swim101SG had been referred to as “The Best Swim Schools” our students since 2017 and we had taught more than a hundred students since.

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We are a swim school with a group of friendly certified swimming instructors who believe in inspiring and encouraging people of all ages to take up swimming lessons in Singapore, whether for leisure, health, or sport.

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We want to bring swimming lessons for all ages especially children in Singapore as an awareness for the children learning to swim as a basic life skills with our proven teaching system and techniques.

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We believe all children desire the right to go to a swim school for swimming lessons Singapore to have the best ability to have the skills to be in the water.

Swimming Lessons Singapore


There are a total of 26 public swimming pools in Singapore and more swimming pools are still being built in some areas. Including some private swimming clubs and condominium pools, it’s countless to count every single one of them.


This shows that the government is also aiming to provide Singaporeans from all diverse age groups to be able to swim at an affordable rate and have some skill and experience with water safety program.


With the Ministry Of Education they are also encouraging school students to take up swimming lessons as a CCA using the SwimSafer guideline, which is a certified level water skills certification programme, to enhance them for some water basic and advanced skill programs.


As well as even in the National Service for the boys learning to swim is also a part of the requirement for every soldier during their Basic Military training as a life saving skills. They need to have some water knowledge teaching them to survive in some water terrace.

Why Should Everyone Take Up Swimming Lesson In Singapore?

According to the Whole Health Organisation, an estimate of 320 000 unintentional injuries drowns death every year worldwide.

In Singapore alone, there’s an average of 73 cases per year as according to Singapore Medical Journal

Swimming Lessons in Singapore life saving skills learn to swim

Singapore Swimming Lessons With Us

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8 Benefits Of Swimming With Swim101SG

8 Benefits Of swimming with Swim101SG. Learn to swim with us as we are referred to as the “Best Of Swim School” by our students. Learn more about our Swimming Lessons In Singapore.

Join our swimming Lesson for a fun learning experience.

Why chose swimming lessons with Swim101SG?

Qualified Expert

Our swimming schools instructors and swimming coaches team are all qualified by authorized authority from the National Registry of Coaches (NROC), Swimsafer Certificates, Singapore Swimming Teachers Association (SSTA) and AUSTSWIM to coach all ages.


Swimming safety is always our first priority for both our students and coaches. Our swimming school will conduct lessons in a safe environment. Our instructors always carried first aid with them for minor injuries.

Flexible Schedule

With a group of friendly and experience team of instructors and preferred affiliated partnership swim school, we are able to provide affordable swimming lessons in all swimming pools and private swimming lessons in your condo swimming pools all days. We make it flexible and effective for you to learn swimming with us.

Quality Professionals

Our swimming instructor are well experienced in conducting swimming lessons Singapore for all ages from non-swimmer to advance swimmers. You will learn to swim using all swimming techniques as well as swimming stroke correction.

Join Our Group And Private Swimming Classes Singapore

We offer a trial and show you our professional experience before you sign up with us

Swimming Classes

Swimming Lessons For Kids

Let our certified swimming instructors team and friendly coach help your child build up his water confidence with our fun swimming lessons. We conduct group lessons at Singapore swimming complexes to private swimming lessons at condominium for your child with our proven teaching system from 5 years old kids onwards. Our School provides Swimsafer certifications for all our students.
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Swimming Lessons For Adults

We can conduct lessons in a group class in public swimming complex. We also conduct private swimming lessons at condo swimming pools. All our swimming lessons are customise according to your needs by our experience swimming instructors.

Swimming Classes For Special Needs

Special arrangement can be arranged with our certified experienced professional swimming coaches and instructors for special needs lessons to be conducted in both public and private pool with our swim school.

Life Saving Courses

Our instructors and coaches are certified with the necessary teaching skills to conduct lifesaving programmes and certifications. Get in touch with us here.
Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about swimming

Swimming lessons rates vary from group to private classes depending on your needs. The fees range for group swimming classes at public swimming pools is around $80 per student and private swimming classes in condo start at around $100 depending on the number of students.

For safety reasons learning swimming by yourself pool area where the water level is around your waist in order for you’ll be able you get up in case of anything. And learning to swim alone is not advisable, always had a friend to coach you or with a lifeguard around. But if you learning swimming in the wrong way it can hurt you both physically and mentally so the best is to learn the basic from a professional swimmers or a swim schools for a more effective way.

There is no age limitation or preferred age to take up swimming. As learning to swim is not just a sport and it can be leisure or social restress. But it will be good for anyone to start to learn to swim as soon as possible. As mentioned in our Benefits For Swimming“.

It will depend on the individual as some may take more or less time to as fast as 3 to 4 lessons.

Any age is suitable to learn to swim as long as you are guided by an experienced coach. Swimming can be a form of healthy exercise for any age.

Depending on the kind of level you wanted to achieve. From water familiarization to intermittent to advance levels can take up years. If you want to learn fast the best is to go for 1 to 1 private swimming lessons.

It’s not difficult to learn to swim if there’s an expert to guide you through. Once you get to adept to it it’s not difficult to swim at all. Join our swimming lessons in Singapore and you will learn and enjoy our coaching with fun and experimental classes.

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